'Mining for HOPE'

Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy to Evoke Hope in Every Session

         Elliott Connie

Alesya Courtnage

Regardless of the kind of therapy you practice, there is one ingredient that must be present in order for change to occur, and that ingredient is hope. However, this can be tricky. There are times when the client's life has been so impacted by the current problem, a past trauma, and everything in between that they have lost the ability to find their hope. Without hope, therapy cannot be successful, so what do we do? That's what this lecture is all about, and we will be sharing...
  • Exactly why hope is such a powerful source for change in a person's life.
  • 5 strategies to evoke hope in every single session [sure to impact your work immediately]!
  • How to keep your focus on hope (and what to do with it) when the client's problems seem insurmountable.

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