There Is Nothing More Powerful Than Helping Couples Rediscover Their Love

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Hosted by Elliott Connie
 Global Leader in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Licensed Psychotherapist, Successful Private Practice Owner, Author, Researcher & Lecturer, Founder & President of The SFU.
Love is the most powerful emotion there is, far stronger than hate and fear. There is nothing in the entire world like helping a couple rediscover their love as they move away from common relationship problems and towards their heart led dreams. That's why I am doing a free online workshop about using the Solution Focused Approach with couples, a process I call "Solution Building Couples Therapy". In this workshop I'll be sharing...
  • The absolute most important thing you must do with each and every couple that you see!
  • The 3 biggest mistakes professionals make with couples [and how to avoid them!]
  • How to evoke hope and love in every session, even with the most "difficult" couples!
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