The Foundations of 
Solution Focused Brief Therapy 

With Elliott Connie (the global leader in training for the Solution Focused Approach and the Founder of the Solution Focused Universe)

The Solution Focused Approach is a dynamic and pragmatic way of working with clients , but it can be very hard to put into practice effectively. One of the major reasons professionals struggle with this approach is that most have never received a proper foundational training in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. That's what this event is all about, giving you the core foundational building blocks so you can go forward and touch peoples' lives with the magic of this approach. In this FREE webinar I will share...
  • What makes this approach effective and so different from problem focused approaches.
  • The 5 stages of a Solution Focused Session and how to navigate through them.
  • The biggest mistake new comers make when they get started with this approach, and how to avoid it!
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